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ActiveBuddy Session Transcript


tester: How do I get started?

My eBay Buddy: Welcome, tester! I'm My eBay Buddy. I was created by ActiveBuddy, Inc.

Chat with me. I can answer your questions about eBay!

To get started, type "home" now.

tester: home

My eBay Buddy: This is home, tester! I've got:

 1         eBay How To
 2         Cool Stuff
 3         Register
 4         Item Search
 5         Games
 6         Tidbits
 7         Help

>>> You can make your window bigger and scroll down to read better.

What would you like to do?

tester: item search

My eBay Buddy: What item would you like to search for on eBay?

tester: laptop

My eBay Buddy: Click here to see the search results for "laptop" on eBay.

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